Piper – On Changes

piper, glossy, changeYup, udah pada bosen ngeliat bacotan para instruktur lainnya, ‘kan? So sekarang gue kasih selingan entry dari salah satu Hitman System Kogal, Piper Ho, yang ngobrolin tentang… well, baca aja sendiri deh. Masih bertema sama dengan tulisan gue tempo hari.

Buat yang masih ndeso kaga ngerti bahasa orang londo, silakan pake alat Google Translate. Terjemahan ngga sempurna sih, tapi kurang lebih maknanya tersampaikan. So without further ado, here’s Piper…

On Changes

I was just walking to the office this morning and thinking of our dear friend wedding’s on one Sunday. It was one of the most simple, effortless, yet wonderful matrimonies that made my partner, Signifiant, and I almost cried (oh well, I actually almost cried in just about every weddings). This writing came from such different angles yet it’s quite a revelation to my own personal discoveries how one of our friends’, let’s call him AJ, so called biggest life changing moments could affect others. The matrimony ceremony has somehow touched the three of us.

For my partner, he really appreciates weddings that are simple by means that the day is truly owned by the bride and groom, no fussy parents nor family members. Weddings, unfortunately, especially in Indonesia are not a day meant for the bride and groom but are actually a family feast which are sad and damn selfish for the family to take control of the couple’s happiness.

So, it’s not something new if you have been to a lot of holy matrimonies to find many vow exchanging set which supposed to be very intimate, joyous and momentous turned to be just a stage of act for the couple to perform only for the sake of the audience satisfaction let alone for themselves. It’s by hell their right to be able to feel happy celebrating the lifetime union with the ones they love and cherish.

As for Signifiant, like my partner and I, she’s happy rather relief and especially inspired by the choice of life AJ’s made, that is his willingness and courage of finally committing his relationship with the partner. And of course for such a heartwarming private matrimony he’s had. But on the other hand, guess she’s also aware that things are going to be a bit different now. No more late night long discussions about Dewi “Dee” Lestari’s divorce episode nor other hot gossiping sessions. There may not be as much as time that AJ could spend with any of us like he used to.

While to me, just like every other wedding, I often get carried away by the fact that I could only watch other people’s moments while waiting for my time to come. Especially that AJ just happen to have it right exactly at the chapel where I’ve always dreamed to be wed one day. And one thing lead to another, the wedding’s also put a new horizon for me on my partner’s view towards how marriage is such a big thing, there’re so many to consider.

I must say the world has its own formula for balancing life. Just like AJ’s path of life has affected people around him, it shows how an amazing cycle it is that his life could come across the others, each from a unique and individual way. How the receiving end would react, now that’s a different kind of argument.

Have you noticed how sometimes when you have this idea that’s been going on and on in your mind for awhile and somehow halfway through interrelate event just happen to appear?

Same thing happened, just when I got into the office the morning after thinking of AJ’s phenomenal wedding, I received a forwarded email regarding Andi Noya’s story on Lentera Jiwa. He talks about a sort of enlightenment he finds during his time on Metro TV; his pursue of idealism of really living, working and truly doing his passion.

Strange isn’t it how we often hear, read and even believe that we can have a job that we actually passionate about yet to really living it is everyone’s dream! Noya’s short but very motivating writing also mentions that he is inspired by the book “Who Moved My Cheese.” Do you see the pattern? Noya read the book – he was inspired – he took an action that could have been one of his life changing moments – he wrote to share his enlightenment and experience to others – I got inspired by his writing and experience – you are reading my story – and now is depend on you how would you like to pass this message on to others.

Your changes affect everyone surrounds you.

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  1. mo nikah ya… saya setuju sekali. duuuh!!! nikah kok susah amat kayaknya. mau sama yang ini salah, yang itu salah. maklum anak mami, ortu agak rewel. sekarang diem aja kalo lagi punya gandengan.

  2. @Cumi
    Cuma mau menambahkan, dari sudut pandang biologis, cw yg mau kawin utk memiliki anak itu disarankan pada umur 25-30 tahun, karena itu masa2, masa yang paling “matang & aman” utk memiliki anak. Terlalu cepat / terlalu lambat dari umur segitu, secara mayoritas, akan memiliki kesulitan atau masalah pada usaha memperoleh keturunan.

    …ini bukan sesi penutupan dari seminar MLM koq, heheheh

    GLHF for all of us.

  3. wajarlah cewe kebelet kawin,,

    dikejer umur gituh, umur 25 keatas juga ce pastinya dah mikirn jodoh n berkeluarga..

    kecuali ce2 yg sibuk dgn karir, n ce2 traumatik..

    bahasa gaulnya, ce klo dah umur 25 – 30 udh klepek2 ky cacing kepanasan minta cepet kawin..




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