27 years and still KICKIN’!

Now its 11:11PM. And I need to post something before today, 26 December 2007, ends.

Yup, today is my birthday!

It’s really nice to have your birthday coincides with a major holiday, that means it’s easy to remember.

This year have been a BLAST! Totally AWESOME and full of BLESSINGS! I’ve seen, experienced and achieved so many things I’ve never even dreamed of. This year is absolutely the best time in my life so far.

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A personal discovery

Life is all about learning, and one thing that can never run out to learn about is ourselves. So here are things I’ve just learned about myself this month…

1. I suck at working with numbers and details. It looks like I’m the bigger-picture guy. I can easily grasp the most abstract and juxtaposed ideas, chunk it up and down, or even deconstruct it to the deepest level. I can talk about complete general non-sense for hours. But concerning sensitivity and carefulness to details, I am worst than a toddler. I realized this when I have to do text editing and Excel work in the office: not only I miss a lot than I’m allowed to, but also my mind would go numb and daydream to lala land after 15 minutes of working there.

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Tell me something guys!

Yo guys, gue post ini nebeng laptopnya Jet.
Saat ini kita lagi meeting reguler Hitman System di coffee shop.
Ada Cygnus, Lex, Jet, Yuki and Sou yang udah balik duluan. Kita lagi ngomongin soal meetup Bandung besok dan meetup di Jakarta hari Minggu.
Setelah penuh kesibukan dari Senin, hangout bareng these guys adalah salah satu momen yang paling gue tunggu-tunggu setiap minggunya.
Anyways, you guys pasti notice donk apa yang terjadi di website Hitmansystem.com
In case you guys wondering siapa yang ngedesign web baru kita, itu hasil utak atik gue.
And juga dibantu Yuki yang ngurusin coding and all technical stuff yang super ribet.

So I would like to hear comments, critics and compliments about the website from you guys!!

Thanking you in advance