A personal discovery

Life is all about learning, and one thing that can never run out to learn about is ourselves. So here are things I’ve just learned about myself this month…

1. I suck at working with numbers and details. It looks like I’m the bigger-picture guy. I can easily grasp the most abstract and juxtaposed ideas, chunk it up and down, or even deconstruct it to the deepest level. I can talk about complete general non-sense for hours. But concerning sensitivity and carefulness to details, I am worst than a toddler. I realized this when I have to do text editing and Excel work in the office: not only I miss a lot than I’m allowed to, but also my mind would go numb and daydream to lala land after 15 minutes of working there.

2. I have a safe-toilet syndrome. Piper told me about the term after she had watched an episode on Oprah discussing about people who can’t poop (easily) in public domains. As ridiculous it may sounds, I’ve been living with it for all of my life. I would prefer to hold back and wait until I arrive at home to ‘finish the business’. I’m already aware about this situation for years, but I had just found out that the medical world has a specific name for it. Funny that I have no fear of walking toward a beautiful stranger and starting conversation with her, but I have trembling insecurities about pooping in public toilets. 😀

3. I am a good active team player, but most often only when I am the leader. If I’m not the leader (or at least the leader’s best friend), I sometimes find myself as the cranky passive observant in the group. It happens almost unconsciously. In order to become inspiring, energised, and full of creative ideas, I need to know that I have the team’s attention and support.

4. I weigh 88 kilograms. That is my current stat this morning and I guess I’m a little bit overweight since I was aiming for somwhere around 75 – 80 kilos. I learned that though it’s sometimes hard to push to a certain limit, but once the gate’s opened, it will be a free ride from there on. Okay, time to get back the steering wheel and head for the DIY military training bootcamp aka cheap bedroom exercises.

5. I care about things people normally wouldn’t bother to care, and vice versa. Example, being more than 20 years in Jakarta, I can never remember where Jl. Jendral Sudirman and Jl. Gatot Subroto begins and ends, and how to differentiate between those two regardless being told hundreds of time. But I always remember the fact that pigs can experience orgasm up to 30 minutes though it was acquired through a quick glance over one email a couple of years ago.

Couldn’t wait to discover more things about myself next time.

Have you listed yours?

8 Responses to A personal discovery

  1. I chipped in for point #5!

    Indonesian bloggers now enthustically wrote down about Asian Id[i]o[t]l. They dissapointedly talk about Hadi, Mike, Mau, Zebras, Giraffes, or whatever their parents name them nowadays.

    Long Live Che! Long Live Maria Ozawa!

  2. Herherher (gua bisa pake kata h4h4 ditolak ama blognya) saran gua sih lu sering2 aja bawa cairan antiseptik siapa tau lu bisa bantuin wc-wc umum jadi wc rumah lu. Pls bro toliet is just toliet not a as compicated dan “FUp” as gals

  3. “Funny that I have no fear of walking toward a beautiful stranger and starting conversation with her, but I have trembling insecurities about pooping in public toilets.”

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