27 years and still KICKIN’!

Now its 11:11PM. And I need to post something before today, 26 December 2007, ends.

Yup, today is my birthday!

It’s really nice to have your birthday coincides with a major holiday, that means it’s easy to remember.

This year have been a BLAST! Totally AWESOME and full of BLESSINGS! I’ve seen, experienced and achieved so many things I’ve never even dreamed of. This year is absolutely the best time in my life so far.

A BIG thanks to all the people that made it that way: Jet and Lex, for the undying support and walking the path with me, and their partner; Piper and Felice for being such a lovely friends. My one and only bro, Yuki, for being the person I can count on the most (especially with the technical stuffs =P). My hommies, Lufy and Sou, who always keep me companied. Cygnus, thanks for trusting me, man, your eagerness to learn inspires me. All the brothers at G-Spot, thanks for making the decision to go the journey together with us.

Last but not least, a very special thanks to my girlfriend Lydia. I learn A LOT from you. Thanks for being the sweetest and the loveliest girlfriend in the world. Stay with me always!

Life is not perfect and it can really sucks sometimes, but isn’t it just too good to be ALIVE?!

Merry Christmas to you all!

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  2. Well this desember a lot is happening to Me (A LOT) from the 1st desembet up until now I experience bad and good thing from work, home, girls, relationship, anything.
    But Happy Bthday Sifu Kei and Merry Xmas to all who celebrate

  3. tahun ini juga sangat luar biasa buat gw, coz gw kenal hitman juga baru tahun ini…happy b’day and thanks a lot bro! Meski gw gak kenal elo, tapi elo udah bantu gw banyak banged. Gw berharap mulai februari 2008, akan menjalani sisa kehidupan gw sebagai seorang cowo yg berkualitas

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