Unlearn your romance and dating knowledge!

Here at Hitman System, we encourage the students to always learn by unlearning. Do you remember the last time you know you have to do something but your mind-body refused to work properly and stop instead? You can be sure that it is NOT due to your lack of knowledge; most of the times it is caused by your too-many-knowledge. You learned too much. You knew too much. You stored gigabytes of every possible human information, up to the point that it actually weighs and cripples you down, rather than boosting you up for real actions.

So listen, guys, you DON’T need to search, gather, or memorize any more knowledge. I promise you that it has nothing to do with your success. What you need to do is to UNLEARN them. In fact, that’s exactly what I had forced you to do in the first paragraph above, and once again in the next one below.

There’s this one joke about international black market’s price for human brain smuggled from several countries. A Japanese brain is offered for a very low price, followed by those of German, American, and English people. Indonesian brain, surprisingly, has the highest price. When inquired for the reason, every black market trader would answer, “Japanese and German brain is the cheapest because the donors have majorly utilized it so much when they were still alive that now the brain is worn-out and old. But if you’re searching for a 100% clean and fresh totally unused brain, Indonesia has the best range of choices available.”

Unlearn the function of your brain. It is not meant for just memory data bank; it is built mainly for thinking, processing and analysing its stored information!

After spending many years in this never ending game called Life, especially Romantic Life, you’ve unknowingly installed a lot of ugly lessons and faulty gameplays. You might’ve learned it from your family, school, friends, and other environments. Now it is time to unlearn those information in your brain, dissect them to their tiny little parts, see how they are related to one another, remove unwanted connections, then modify an optimized system for your own good.

And according to my experience, one of the best ways to trigger the unlearning is through metaphores, anecdotes, and images. I understand that you don’t have much time to READ stories, that’s why I prefer you to use the latter. Besides, a picture worth a thousand words. So take a seven minutes break now to see these seven pictures below, and enjoy the best unlearning moment today.

For every image, USE you brain to think of some answers to, “How does this image help me to unlearn the information about romantic adventures in my life?” Some of the images would be easy to respond, while some others require extra effort to milk the juice. If you’re really stuck, just connect the JPG filename to the picture, I’m sure you’ll get something out of it.









I’ll continually post image entries like this in the future. You’re welcome to share your analysis of the images in the blog comments. Have fun unlearning!

10 Responses to Unlearn your romance and dating knowledge!

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  3. @tintanerah

    abis ikut HS, bukannya ngga bisa patah hati. patah hati tetap ada, cuman recoverynya jauh lebih cepat ketimbang sebelum ikut HS. anggap aja, abis ikut HS udah tau mana yang salah dan yang benar dalam urusan romance.

  4. Sins … banyak amat dosa lo 😉

    Emang seorang hitman gak boleh patah hati? Abis ikut HS terus everyone’s heart turns into stone?
    Bukankah momen patah hati bisa jadi a turning point untuk use your brain to unlearn your romance and dating knowledge? dan belajar lagi, lagi, lagi, lagi …

  5. @tintamerah.
    kemaren gw buru buru jadi gw gak sadar kalo Ternyata pertanyaan lo bener bener gak nyambung ama blognya.Dan parahanya gw bales.>.

  6. @tintamerah.
    Setelah lo sekeren apapun.Tetep ada kemungkinan lo patah hati.

    Jangan Berjalan keluar kalo gak mau merasakan Sakit.

    Itu bukan konsekuensi jadi Hitman.
    Tapi konsekuensi jadi “manusia”

    even lo jalan keluar pun ada kemungkinan lo di tabrak mobil atau kesenggol orang dan jatuh.^^.

    R u ready to be a Human Being ?

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