It Starts With One Hit

“Can I write an article for HS?”, Dju asked me the other day via BBM.
“Yeah, of course you can!”, I said to him. I’ve known Dju for a long time already, I’ve seen his transformation from lossy to glossy, and it would be good if he shared his insights with others.
“You want me to write in English or in Bahasa Indonesia?”, knowing that he speaks English far more fluently than Bahasa Indonesia, I told him to write in English.

So below is an article written by Dju, a Hitman System alumni. Enjoy.


I joined Hitman System because of my buddy, and for confidentiality reasons we shall call him KK. KK was a socially awkward person who had a hard time interacting with other people, let alone girls. This was where Hitman System came along. I had known about Hitman System ever since it started because I personally know Kei Savourie, the founder. I asked Kei to give KK and I a private lesson because I thought that that would be the most ideal way to show KK the ropes. After the first day of the workshop, I was certain that KK would emerge out of the program a changed man. Zero to hero. Rags to riches. True enough, he managed to land himself a very nice and sweet girl he is currently engaged to. I am very glad that Hitman System had a positive effect on my buddy KK.

Now my journey with Hitman System started in July of 2011. I managed to get “the girl of my dreams” through the hit practice sessions the instructors conducted. I have been studying in USA since I was 14 and like a lot of my fellow yellows from Asian countries, we were always amazed by the bules and how hot they were. Right after I got back from Indonesia and my Hitman System training, I put the skills that I learnt to good use and started hitting on all the hot bules that I met. Hitman System gave me the confidence to walk up to these bules and talk to them. The result was me getting my “dream bule girl”.

My motivation to better myself at that time was that if I ever meet the One for me, I would have the necessary skills to attain her. A gamer’s analogy to it would be if I ever had to fight the final boss, I would have the necessary potions, an arsenal of spells and be level 99. Now I realize that this is flawed on so many different levels. I only have one message for all the readers out there: “Be your BEST self”. The cliché “just be yourself” can be correct, only if you already have all the necessary skills and tactics to battle the dragon guarding your damsel in distress. What you want to do is practice the skills taught by Hitman System: J2, Tango, flirt. What is the best way to practice these skills? HIT! And HIT! AND HIT! AND HIT AND HIT AND HIT AND HIT AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!

Sure you can practice these skills in your own social circle and you will improve marginally. But there is no faster way to improve than to get your lazy ass off the computer screen and go out and meet new people, preferably hot attractive women. I had learned this the hard way. I used to be a professional gamer who only cared about my video games. I thought that with my dashingly good looks, tall physique and family wealth, girls would just be falling on my lap without me having to do shit. Well, if you are in my position and think you’re the shit, just look at your results. Are the bitches lining up outside your door fighting to get in? Probably not. So go out there and hit on 3 different women every day. When you do this, you train yourself to be able to talk to any women whenever you want to. The J2, tango and flirts, they all come automatically once you make hitting your daily ritual.

I made it a point when I was running my restaurant La Finestra in Central Park Mall to hit on at least 3 different girls. For me the golden number is 3 approaches in a day. Which can be very difficult for certain people. I was never scared of the girls themselves but I was wary of the people around me. I was always thinking “what if they heard me or what will they think of me”. Seriously, WHO GIVES A FUCK about what they think. You’re in charge of your own life. You’re the one who is going to have a better love life. Haters gonna hate. The haters are just jealous that you have the iron steel balls to walk up to a smoking hot girl and tell her “YOU! I want you and you shall be mine.” This goes against our upbringing that has been brainwashed by the dramas and media that we have to buy flowers, chocolate, drive the girl around, but all this ends up making you a PBSI: Pacar Bukan Supir Iya.

The golden rule for mastery of a certain skill is 10,000 hours of repetition. Which makes sense because its over 9000!!! Now I’m not saying you have to get 10,000 hours of social interaction before you become a master at it. You just need to incorporate approaching women into your lifestyle. But in order for you to do that you have to have the discipline. Make it a point to talk and have small banter with the random girls you encounter throughout the day. When you see that GOLDEN APPLE you really like and you think is the one for you. GO GET HER! Kesempatan tidak datang dua kali. And if it does, thats the universe telling you to get your shit together.

Until you are satisfied with your love life, you need to go out there and hit. Approach as many women as you can. Never be ashamed of failure. Failure is just an early attempt at success. I recorded every hit that I did so that I can analyze what I did well and what I fucked up. I wish I could’ve GoPro all those interactions and save it to my hard drive. Now that you know you have to force yourself to talk to beautiful women strangers. JUST DO IT!!!


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