Day Of Wonder

Darn, why Lex have to post a new topic yesterday!
I’ve prepared my speech for today since like 1 week ago!
Sorry Lex, I will just go and post this shit 😛

So, Today is my Birthday!
One day before the independence day of USA! Yeah!!
Anyway, just want to say several things quick.
This past one year was Crazy!
New job, new hair cut, new friends, new experiences, new knowledge! and many more!
A handfull THANKS to my brothers : Lex and Kei, who always there together in this realm journey of the matrix!
To my lovely brat partner, Felice!
To Piper our fairy mother who always smiling!
To Cygnus! You always amazed me bro!!
To Hitmansystem Crew! Keep helping us man!
To all the G-spot band! You guys awesomeeeee!!
To all HSEW, HSSW and HSMS Alumnee! I never stop learning because of you guys!!

Throughout the years, I’ve learn several things about life.
Life is hard! Life sometime sucks! Life often fuck you real hard!
But I also learn that Life is Beautiful in his own way..
When you just woke up in the morning, sucking your first conscious breath.
and realize that you still alive for another day of GREAT ADVENTURE!!

Rock on!!

16 Responses to Day Of Wonder

  1. hahh!!! jet ultah??

    met ultah brow… moga bs nganter qt2 smakin bkualitas… hohohoho…

    car dissappear?? whaooo… what a great magic!!

  2. Damn it Piper!!
    Bulu tengkuk gw and semua bulu2 yang ada merinding begitu baca pernyataan anda!!

    I will be friggin extremely very careful!!!!

    *merinding di pojokan.

  3. Ehem… taon lalu Anda berhasil lewat dari another special birthday present, but this year… hihihihi better be careful dearie, we might make your car disappear AGAIN! muahahaha *evil, evil laugh*

  4. wow…seems that i was late to saya HAPPY Birthday Jet.

    So many things you’ve learn and thats good, hope it will make you more mature.

    Ditunggu seminar 2008-nya ya….

    Natural Wannabe

  5. congrats buat ultah lu bro

    somehow kayaknya gw jarang banget ngeliat orang ultah kayak lu. you expressed how grateful you are for all people surrounds you and great things that you’ve experienced in years. biasanya orang cuman bilang, may the following years becomes better. you think positive everyday? I believe that is the one of glossy guys do daily.

    congrats once again for your birthday, bro.

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