Kenapa Golput Adalah Pilihan Terbaik Bagi Saya (Dan Kamu)

Nose picking 1

Pertama-tama saya ingin menegaskan terlebih dahulu bahwa tulisan ini adalah murni pendapat saya pribadi dan sama sekali tidak mewakili pandangan Hitman System sebagai organisasi. Karena saya tidak punya blog pribadi (dulu sempat punya tapi sudah digabung ke sini sejak 2010) jadi terpaksa deh nulisnya di sini, ya sekalian naikin traffic juga sih, boleh dong? Jadi silakan lontarkan segala hujatan, makian (dan juga pujian), pada saya pribadi 😉 Continue reading

It Starts With One Hit

“Can I write an article for HS?”, Dju asked me the other day via BBM.
“Yeah, of course you can!”, I said to him. I’ve known Dju for a long time already, I’ve seen his transformation from lossy to glossy, and it would be good if he shared his insights with others.
“You want me to write in English or in Bahasa Indonesia?”, knowing that he speaks English far more fluently than Bahasa Indonesia, I told him to write in English.

So below is an article written by Dju, a Hitman System alumni. Enjoy.


I joined Hitman System because of my buddy, and for confidentiality reasons we shall call him KK. KK was a socially awkward person who had a hard time interacting with other people, let alone girls. This was where Hitman System came along. I had known about Hitman System ever since it started because I personally know Kei Savourie, the founder. I asked Kei to give KK and I a private lesson because I thought that that would be the most ideal way to show KK the ropes. After the first day of the workshop, I was certain that KK would emerge out of the program a changed man. Zero to hero. Rags to riches. True enough, he managed to land himself a very nice and sweet girl he is currently engaged to. I am very glad that Hitman System had a positive effect on my buddy KK. Continue reading