Reframe, Glossy, and Transformation

Waktu lagi beres-beres kamar tadi pagi, ngerapihin koran and majalah yang bertebaran di sana-sini kayak kapal pecah, I came upon this article in newspaper tentang tragedi di sebuah acara musik underground Bandung.

Note the part I put box on, or click here for bigger version.

Incredible demonstration about state-control and reframing.

Waktu pertama kali baca berita itu, I just couldn’t believe what I was reading. I had to read it a couple of times to make sure I was reading it right. It was so out of this world and the parent’s ability to cope with the situation is legendary. Gue ngga bisa inget kapan terakhir kali pernah ngedenger such remark keluar dari seorang pihak yang mengalami musibah besar.

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Decisions, decisions

Throughout life, human will always move from one decision to another. Some of them are easy to make, some are a little bit harder, while some others are extremely heavy and painful.

I dedicate today’s entry to all decisions we’ve ever made in our life, no matter how small or insignicant they are. I’m calling everyone reading this post now to spend a short time to really appreciate the time taken just to make one single decision, the nitty and gritty calculations involved in the process, the intensifying insecurity seconds before the deadline, and finally all the things that did or didn’t happen after a decision is made.

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